Florida Selfie War.

Medics in Florida Selfie Battle Make us All Look Bad

In the news today is the story of two Paramedics in Florida who engaged in a “battle of selfies” between each other, with they themselves pictured with unconscious patients while transporting them to the hospital.

First let me just ask this question that so many of us around the United States seem to be asking ourselves each and every day. What in the name of GOD is going on in the State of Florida with the Looney Toon citizens?

I have many family and friends who live and work in Florida and none of them are insane nut-jobs like we see on TV each and every single night. Yet, Florida for some reason seems to be the attractive state for the craziest people that America can produce.

And now OUR industry, EMS, is afflicted with the Florida crazy disease!

These two people, and I am not calling them Paramedics anymore because they are clearly DONE in so far as working in EMS is concerned. These two people engaged in the number #1 rule in EMS, which we start from day one teaching our students, and I myself harp about almost once a week on this site about. And that is that we are to treat our patients as if they were our family, parents or grandparents.

This is first and foremost a lesson and reminder to the rest of us that the old saying holds true. Even if you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should do it.

In the world we live in today, with INSTANT access to information and the ability to instantly get your opinion or thoughts out to the entire world with-in moments, it is more vital then ever to be competent, professional and LESS STUPID then those we read about in the news daily.

Remember why we all got into this business to begin with. We came here to help and care for our fellow citizens! And taking pictures of them while they are incapacitated or sick is in no way helping their situation or our cause.

I guess the good part about Florida is that their justice system is world renowned and unlike California, these two will face not only public scorn and humiliation, but the courts will probably throw the book at them and make an example of their behavior and actions as an effort to ensure that this kind of garbage never happens again.

And for the rest of us, lets work harder to make sure our industry overcomes this by being the best that we can be and lets work to weed out the jerks and incompetents from our ranks before they cause us more grief and consternation.

(The above views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of EMS Wire and should not be construed as such, but rather as solely belonging to the writer)

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Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy is a licensed firefighter, EMT and EMS Instructor in Michigan and California, holds a JD in real estate law and BA in History as well as numerous industry related certifications. These days Jack teaches a Hybrid EMT program at a small College in the Los Angeles area.