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4 of the Worst Doctors Ever

When researching for these terrible people, I found myself censoring who I put in here, either due to the overly graphic or sexual nature these physicians’ offenses.  But believe me, this list is bad enough.

Dr. Cecil Jacobson -USA

Fertility clinics seem to need a little more trust than other kinds of clinics. Dr. Jacobson, a fertility expert, helped many couples conceive, whether it by artificial insemination using the husband’s sample, or an anonymous donor. However, therein lies the problem. Whether it was for pride or some sexual kick, Dr. Jacobson didn’t use either of these kinds samples, and, instead, used his own to impregnate his patients. At the time of his conviction, 15 out of the 17 children tested were  “officially” his, though it’s said that number could be closer to 75.

During the trial, his lawyers tried painting a picture of the physician as one so absorbed with helping his patients that he went to astonishing lengths to do so (1). Go figure.

Dr. Yasser Awaad -USA

This pediatric neurologist’s $250,000 base pay just wasn’t good enough. Misdiagnosing hundreds of children with epilepsy, putting them on powerful medication, and even going as far as implanting devices in their head boosted his income to over $600,000. Patients grew up with the side effects of the medication and the fear of epilepsy; taking away childhood opportunities like driving, school dances, and sports.

Couple’s were also convinced by Dr. AssWad …oops, I mean, Awaad, not to have any more children because they would have epilepsy as well (2). He has since, moved to Saudi Arabia where he continues his practice and the legal system here drags its feet.

Dr. Naum Ciomu -Romania

I know surgery can be rather stressful, but this guy really needs to calm down. While surgically correcting a deformity on a man’s testicle, Dr. Ciomu accidently nicked the urinary tract. Instead of taking a breath and patching it up, this dude got so upset he grabbed hold of the patient’s penis, cut it off, and proceeded to cut it into 3 more pieces. “It was a loss of judgement due to personal problems.” he told the court (3). Uh… YEAH I’d say so!

Dr. Josef Mengele -Germany

AKA The Angel of Death, Dr. Mengele was a Nazi Physician who experimented on the people of Auschwitz. He was particularly interested in twins. He attempted to change twins’ eye color by injecting chemicals into the eye, cut off and swap limbs of prisoners, experimented with sterilization, shock treatment, and forced surgical sex changes (4). Personal accounts of this man include him ripping out a child from the womb because it wasn’t a twin, his lab wall covered in human eyes like a butterfly collection, and a mother who injected her child with a lethal dose of morphine so it wouldn’t die of starvation at the hands of Mengele (5).

And here there are still people claiming the Holocaust was a hoax.

(The above views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of EMS Wire and should not be construed as such, but rather as solely belonging to the writer)

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