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The RIGHT Way to Prepare for the NREMT Exam

So you have just recently completed and passed your Emergency Medical Technician course and you are now preparing to take the National Registry written exam. And of course, you want to pass it on the first try. Well… you need to prepare for the exam the correct way, at the right time, and while using the right tools that are readily available both online and at your EMT school.

As an EMT instructor, I spend a great deal of my time preparing students for the National Registry Exam during both the heart of the EMT program, as well as at the end. In order to facilitate the test taking process and give former students a central site to prepare for the exam, roughly twice a month I hold an NREMT test prep session at the school. We always have an extra room or two that can be dedicated towards their sessions, and in most cases I invite former students who have passed the exam to come in and help others plan and prepare to take the exam.

Aside from the usual study program of re-reading the book, re-reading the chapter assignments and doing the practice tests that exist in the back of the workbook, we employ newer and more up-to-date prep options; such as NREMT apps for ipads and free online test question bank generators.

You see, it’s not just what you study as you prepare for the NREMT, it is how you study and the way in which you learn what you have just read.

What many other instructors and I have found, is that doing random generating question banks with multiple choice answers, offers students the greatest chance of success on the NREMT Exam. Not only does this give the student a general idea of what types of questions might be asked on the exam, but it also gives it to them in a very similar manner.

I don’t recommend any one particular study app or program over the other of course, but I do is recommend to students the names and locations of some online resources which I have found helpful in the past.

Smart Medic

You will find a decent free site online called ‘Smart Medic’ that allows you to set the EMT skill level as well as degree of difficulty with-in the question bank it randomly throw at you. http://smartmedic.com/quiz/index.asp


In so far as Apps for the iphone, ipad or other smart device there is POCKETPREP, EMT Exam Prep, which offers both a free condensed question bank or the paid version that offers the student a generous and intense bank in which to draw from.

Other Recommended Study Applications

Others that I have limited experience with but have great reviews are: Med Preps app, which is called NREMT EMT Test Prep, EMT Academy has Exam Prep and EMT Study offers a 9 out 10 star program which also offers a flash-card option as a way to study and prepare.

No matter what you choose as your study and preparation program you have to remember to dedicate a specific amount of time each day to preparing for the exam. Set aside an hour or two each day for you to run through a couple of hundred test questions or hit all the flash cards you have made for yourself or are provided via an app you downloaded.


And lastly, remember that the longer you wait to take your NREMT exam after your class has ended the more information you will invariably lose. Take your exam as soon as possible and the closer to the actual end of the class the better your chances will be that you pass it the first time.

And if you don’t pass it the first time, don’t get discouraged – many have been in your shoes; there is a reason they give us multiple chances at it!

Good luck and God’s Speed!

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Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy is a licensed firefighter, EMT and EMS Instructor in Michigan and California, holds a JD in real estate law and BA in History as well as numerous industry related certifications. These days Jack teaches a Hybrid EMT program at a small College in the Los Angeles area.

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